Driving Advice

Driving Advice

Manufacturer-approved repairer? Or non-approved repairer?

Your car’s been pranged in an accident and you need to get it back on the road as soon as possible. Who do you choose to carry out the repairs? Essentially, you have three options: 1. The local main dealer of your car manufacturer, offering official ‘manufacturer-approved’ parts and equipment… Read More

The inconvenience of being without your car after an accident

Have wheels – will travel! Dropping the kids off at school. Commuting to work. Getting to your next meeting. Or going for a day out at the weekend. Today, perhaps more than ever, we rely on our cars simply to make daily life run smoothly. And the thought of being left without our vehicles, even … Read More

What is a non-fault accident?

It sounds such an elementary question. But to people unfamiliar with ‘insurance speak’, the definition of a non-fault accident isn’t self-explanatory. Non-fault essentially means two things: An accident you were involved in, but which was not your fault. Therefore you are not liable. Your insurance provider is able to claim the costs of compensating you … Read More

What to do after an accident – and what not to do!

There’s never a ‘right’ time for any accident, let alone one that happens while you’re driving. Even assuming it only causes damage to your car, rather than injury to you or your passengers, motoring collisions blight lives. On top of the immediate impact of shock and anxiety, they ruin your arrangements… Read More